Owner of Graeme Hall Files Complaint Against Barbados Government, Alleges Treaty Violations

Ottawa, Canada, Oct. 30, 2009 — A complaint filed by the Canadian owner of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, an eco-tourist facility in Barbados, alleges that the Government of Barbados has violated its international obligations by refusing to enforce its environmental laws, thereby allowing increased pollution and land development to damage the Sanctuary.

Notice of the dispute was given to Barbados in accordance with the Agreement For The Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments between Canada and Barbados.

The complaint alleges that Barbados has consistently refused to enforce its domestic environmental laws and to abide by its international obligations under the Convention on Wetlands and Convention on Biological Diversity. This has led to a radical escalation of polluted runoff into the Graeme Hall wetland that serves as a Caribbean flyway stop for migratory birds between North and South America.