David Simmons, SBG & VECO
Chapter IV - The Fourth and Final Installment

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For general background information on VECO, you could try this impartial link There you will see these headlines: “Alaska Legislature corruption scandal”, “VECO executives indicted, plead guilty”, ”Federal bribery investigations”… OK, you get the idea. For Barbados dealings click here, or do a Google search for “VECO Barbados“.

Which politicians put this VECO deal together?
Mia Mottley’s first day in office, as reported by this (pdf) link, was Wednesday, August 29, 2001. This article goes on to state that she succeeded David Simmons, who at the time was being considered for the post Chief Justice! The Wednesday June 29, 2005 Nation News stated that “Attorney General Mia Mottley announced yesterday in Parliament that Veco Inc was the company chosen out of two proposals which were submitted.” So Mia would have made this announcement on Tuesday, June 28, 2005. Simmons had already metamorphosed from a politician to an independent Chief Justice in 2002, so Mia’s announcement did not link him to VECO.

What the Constitution Had to Say
After reading the constitution, I saw that the authority over the prison was assigned to the Minister of Home Affairs. The Attorney General has authority over the police. These two offices have been held simultaneously by the last three AGs - Simmons, Mottley and Marshall. Since both of these posts are political, this may be acceptable. The office of Chief Justice does not appear to have any responsibility for the prisons. I did see that the Attorney General was in charge of the police. The last two AGs have made authoritative statements about the planning and implimentation of the prisons. Here is the public statement from our current AG and Minister of Home Affairs, Dale D. Marshall. The conclusion is that the responsibility of the prison falls under the Minister of Home Affairs, who is often also the Attorney General.

Strong Link
To my knowledge, Mia was the first to issue a public statement linking the prison and VECO, therefore she is the one with a strong VECO link. Now the timeline is critical here. Was Mia Mottley a superwoman? A superwoman, who in her first few weeks of office, facilitated all the bureaucratic procedures that prudence deems necessary. Prudence would have dictated that tenders for proposals would have to be publicized. Government committees would have had to carefully and impartially evaluate each proposal. Interviews would have to scheduled and then conducted. Extensive background checks would have to be carried out due to the large sums of money involved. Admittedly, the government might not have been prudent, and this would have accelerated the selection procedure.

Plausible Explanation
Another explanation is that negotiations with VECO were commenced before Wednesday, August 29, 2001. This book (see snippet below) states that David Simmons was holding both the post of Minister of Home Affairs and Attorney General in August of 2001. This article substantiates this statement. Those people that hold the view that Mia is not a superwoman able to accelerate the machinations of this moribund Barbados Government to blinding speed, would be logically led to believe that David Simmons was involved with prison negotiations before he left the offices of Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs. It is the opinion of Keltruth Blog. that Sir David would have had to have been out of the island for an extended period of time, if he were not knowledgeable of the early prison negotiations.

Above: South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2002, by Jacqueline West

Checks and Balances
Is the principle of checks and balances operating? If it is, can you tell me who is checking and who is balancing? Some people may be teetering, and others may be depositing checks (cheques), but I am talking about a different kind of checks and balances.

Nelson Weighs in - VECO and Sir David Simmons
It seems that the plaintiff, Nelson Barbados Group Ltd., has collected an impressive body of evidence. Nelson has alleged that the actions of certain individuals and companies, including David Simmons, SBG and VECO, have caused financial loss to the plaintiff. Based on the pdf documents available on this web site, I understand that Nelson has presented its evidence to the court in Canada, and, after examining the merits of the case, the Canadian Court felt there was sufficient evidence to proceed. Keltruth Corp. interprets these developments as evidence of a link between David Simmons, SBG and VECO.

Sir David Simmons has faced and overcome adversity at every turn of his high-profile career. Will our fearless knight now wrestle his way out of this latest challenge, or will he be devastated by the hold of a full-Nelson!

I will be back!
This is the end of this section of the story, but fear not, Keltruth Corp. will cover this match up until somebody says “Uncle!”. As an amateur journalist, I realize that timing is important. I make the decision when to publish the facts, and I can safely say that more facts on this matter will be disclosed when the appropriate time comes.

Disclaimer: Metamorphosed was used in the context of a radical transformation such as that of the caterpillar to butterfly. The example used in the online dictionary has unpleasant connotations which should not be construed to be applicable in this case.