Nation News, 11/11/2009: EX-COP FOUND DEAD

POLICE are investigating the death of the man they honoured last year as their oldest surviving gazetted officer - William Frederick Phillips.

They found the former assistant commissioner Phillips dead in his St Leonard’s Avenue, Westbury Road, St Michael home early yesterday morning.

Friends said the 95-year-old retired cop and former senior Coast Guard officer, who lived alone in the two-storey wall house close to St Leonard’s Anglican Church, was discovered under a bed, with his hands and feet bound.

It is terrible that an elderly gentleman would be “discovered under a bed, with his hands and feet bound”. I suspect that he was murdered.

Over on today’s Advocate, the current Commissioner, Darwin Dottin, is boasting that reported crime is down by 2%. I hope that crime is actually down. An alternative explanation is that people have little confidence in the crime-solving abilities of the Royal Barbados Police Force, and are reporting fewer crimes.

Under any circumstances, it is most regrettable when an officer or former officer of the law becomes a crime victim. I extend my condolences to Mr. Phillips’ family.

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