Nietzsche Quotes on BLP Blog
I was digging around in the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) blog, when I came across this alarming unsigned post under the heading “Virtue”, dated September 21, 2007. “Virtue” alludes to the “great German philosopher, Nietzsche”. Digging a little deeper, I came across another article quoting Nietzsche in a reply to Hartley Henry.
Man is Very Well Defended Against Himself“, September 18, 2007. By the tone of these two posts, it is clear that the author has great respect and admiration for this philosopher. (Note: The above two links are anonymous. If you wish to link directly to the BLP blog use these links: Virtue and Man is Very Well… )

Who is Nietzsche?

The BLP quotes are from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844 – 1900), the German philosopher. Despite his intellect, Nietzsche lived a tortured life as he battled mental problems. He is infamous for his hatred of the church and the use of his philosophy by the Nazi regime.

Nietzsche was opposed to many things dear to Barbadians. Here are some of his views:

  • Christianity - two quotes from an article entitled: Sublime Hatred: Nietzsche’s Anti-Christianity
    • “Nietzsche burns with hatred toward Christianity, and his atheistic writings are extremely vitriolic.”
    • Are you a Church-goer like me? Hear what Nietzsche said about us in the same article. He alludes to Christians as: “the whole scum and refuse of humanity who were thus won over to it.”
    • Other sources report that rock musician, Marilyn Manson, is a follower of both Anton LaVey (founder, Church of Satan) and Nietzsche. LaVey also drew heavily from Nietzsche.
  • Views on women
    • “Nietzsche believed that the ultimate mission and function of human marriage was the breeding of a race of supermen and he saw very clearly that fortuitous pairing would never bring this about.” He was talking about selective breeding!
    • Nietzsche love life was pathetic: “Did Nietzsche’s philosophy arise from his lack of success with women?”
    • “You are going to women? Do not forget the whip.” (words of Nietzsche character “old woman”)
  • Government - opposed to democracy
  • His mental condition
    • “There can be little doubt of how Nietzsche would have been managed by psychiatrists of today. He would have been diagnosed with manic depressive psychosis (current terminology uses the less meaningful term bipolar disease).” Link: see 13th paragraph
    • “On the morning of January 3, 1889, while in Turin, Nietzsche experienced a mental breakdown which left him an invalid for the rest of his life.” Link: See 9th paragraph in “Life”

But it is just two posts, published several weeks ago…..
Suppose it were discovered today that three months ago a leading American leader had made, at a private party, a single comment espousing the Nazi philosophy. No one would say that this was just one comment. The public would demand that he explain and withdraw his comment.

The Church despised him. Women did not find him attractive. This was an impotent man who could not even control his own tortured and painful existence. So who takes him on? The BLP. Who else? Marilyn Manson! To top it all, Nietzsche was Adolph Hitler’s favourite philosopher. BLP has some explaining to do!

Postscript: The Republic and the Constitution
The BLP is proposing a referendum on Barbados becoming a Republic to be held simultaneously with the upcoming election. If this referendum passes, the constitution will have to be rewritten. I can visualize an egotistic leader sitting, pen in hand, at a large mahogany table with a copy of Nietzsche’s “The Antichrist” open on the left and the Constitution of Barbados on the right. A prudent person might not want BLP idealogues rewriting the constitution to form a republic. If they follow Nietzsche they will draft a totalitarian republic!

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