Beryl HarperCurly Smith



 Last week, I received a  shock - two people who touched many of our lives have passed on. The two clippings below let me know that Beryl Harper of Old Navy Road and Curly Smith, former manager of the Trevose Hotel, London, have passed on.

Beryl Harper

I fondly remember driving to Beryl’s home to buy “Pudding and Souse.” Every week, either Mum, myself or my sister Jane would make the trip to her house to buy “Pudding and Souse”.

We would always have a chat with our old friend. We always wondered how Beryl was able to continue cooking up in her nineties! When she did stop cooking, we realized that a part of Barbadian history was lost.

My brother John gave Beryl a puppy out of his two dogs Emma and George. Jane delivered the pup. Beryl called him Bruno and loved him dearly.


Curly Smith

Many Bajans and West Indians have stayed at the Trevose Hotel in London. It was a good clean inexpensive hotel, with plenty West Indian atmosphere. Curly Smith, former manager of the hotel, is no longer with us.

Beryl and Curly, rest in peace! You will not be forgotten.