St. Andrew's Stained Glass

The Miami-Dade Community Choir was among three ensembles performing tonight at the magnificent St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on Old Cutler Road.

The choirs were directed by the talented Dr. Ken Boos. They all received standing ovations.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

While the architecture of this church is elegantly simple, there is one spectacular feature. Worshipers entering the church are overcome by the masterpiece that separates the pews in the sanctuary from the portico. This massive stained glass composition stretches from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall.  It is a moving dramatization of Saint Andrew answering Jesus’ call.

The thumbnail above links to the original on Church’s site. There you will find the address and contact information.

The Concert

I am a member of  the Miami-Dade Community Choir, which is about to be merged with the prestigious Civic Chorale of Greater Miami. So in a sense, this was our last performance.

We sang Sicut Locutus est (Magnificat) by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). While this classical arrangement was well received,  it was the contemporary music that brought the audience to its feet.

The audience loved the eclectic music of  John Milford Rutter (1945). The pews went wild after we performed the third movement of Rutter’s Gloria.

The concert was recorded live, and CDs were on sale immediately after. They were in great demand. I had to wait in line for half an hour to buy mine. (For more information see this website.)

Much of the credit for our performance must go to our musical director, Dr. Ken Boos.