It seems to be well documented that the Barbados Government (GOB) owes building contractor Al Barrack a great deal of money. Apparently the GOB has not paid this debt for years. Now “two business interests” have offered to assume the debt. Why do these “interests” expect to get paid if Barrack did not? Are they politically connected to the GOB?

Barbados Free Press, 12/23/2009 - Al Barrack is wrong: Justice and the Law are not for everyone in Barbados

Over three years ago businessman Al Barrack won at 34 million dollar judgement against the National Housing Corporation.

Of course he wasn’t paid, and the amount owed to him including interest is now over 62 million dollars.

Nation News, 12/23/2009 - MONEY OFFER

 THE SAGA INVOLVING building contractor Al Barrack and Government over the non-payment of a $60 million debt could be taking a new twist.

In an interview yesterday, Barrack told the DAILY NATION his lawyers were now examining proposals from two business interests who were offering to “buy over the debt” owed to him by Government.

Two offers came to me today, one for 60 million (dollars) from a local business, the other came from my guy in United States who I owe some money. He (United States businessman) said the amount doesn’t matter, get your lawyers to do the paperwork - that’s all you have to do,” was how Barrack explained how a telephone conversation went yesterday.