I am deeply saddened by the personal attacks made on Johan Bjerkhamn after the most tragic death of his son. The published photos in the news have highlighted his deep anguish.

Why kick a man when he is down in his deepest depths? Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying can drive a person over the edge. Bullies, how will you feel if you cause a man to harm himself?

I understand that the Barbados police have a job to do. I am very aware that no one should be treated unequally, but I hold that everyone should be treated with civility. Certain bloggers have gone beyond the pale.

Please note that I consider myself an impartial observer. I am not a “friend of the family”. Here are two of my previous stories that mention the Bjerkhamn name (actually relating to Johan’s father, Bjorn):

Let the legal system do its work, but also let this father recover from the loss of his son.

PS. Why are the Barbadian Police devoting so much resources to this apparent accident victim while they only pay lip service to investigating other crimes? Specifically why is this more important than investigating the death threats against my family?