Freemasons May be Offended

Not everyone will enjoy the  Holmes movie. Members of the Freemason religion may be upset by the Satanic rituals. Apparently Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Freemason according to the MASONIC PAPERS by W.Bro. YASHA BERESINER, ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, Spiritualist and Freemason.

It was in this state of mind, exceedingly curious and now seriously delving into the world of spiritualism, that on the 26th of January 1887 Arthur Conan Doyle was initiated into Freemasonry at the Phoenix Lodge No 257 in Southsea, Hampshire. He was 27 years old. Among the members of the Phoenix Lodge present at Doyle’s initiation was Dr James Watson with whom Doyle became very friendly and whose name has been immortalised in the Holmes stories.

Movie Sherlock Holmes(2009) character “Lord Blackwood” based on Aleister Crowley

In the Warner Bros. Pictures’ blockbuster Sherlock Holmes(2009), Holmes and his compatriot Watson battle the Warner Bros. Picturesvillian Lord Henry Blackwood. Blackwood is a nobleman practicing black magic and murderer set on controlling England. As gripping and exciting as he may be, the character “Lord Blackwood” portrayed by Mark Strong did not exist- in the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that is. Lord Henry Blackwood, the villain in the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes, is a fictional character created by producer and co-writer Lionel Wigram. Inspired by Conan Doyle’s interest in the occult, Wigram loosely based his character of Blackwood on the enigmatic Aleister Crowley, a controversial occultist who lived during Conan Doyle’s time.

While Doyle did not write the plot of this movie, it is notable that Aleister Crowley was also associated with Freemasonry. According to Jesus is

Aleister Crowley — Initiated to the highest levels of Freemasonry and high priest of the Golden Dawn, said: “A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”

The Freemason response is that Crowley was not affiliated with the official Freemason religion, but was involved with fringe organizations. (See: Aleister Crowley: Freemason, BRO. MARTIN P STARR) While the Sherlock Holmes movie does not mention Freemasonry, some members of the general public may get the idea that “Lord Blackwood” was the diabolical head of a quasi-Masonic society.