I was just sent this link:

Greenland definitely not for garbage, Barbados Today 2011-04-05 by Shawn Cumberbatch

Not one ounce of garbage will be heading to Greenland, St. Andrew.Minister of the Environment Denis Kellman revealed today that Government was looking to conclude an alternative use(s) plan for the controversial site, originally earmarked as the replacement landfill for the long-standing Mangrove Pond, St. Thomas facility.

Kellman told Barbados TODAY that while he “will soon be making a ministerial statement” on the matter, and Cabinet still had to finalise any future plans for Greenland, one thing was certain — it will not be used as a landfill under the current Democratic Labour Party administration.

Richard Goddard and others have fought for years to prevent a national park from becoming a national dump. I wonder what the government plans to do with the dump site?

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