Photographs of Protesters being Attacked in Cuba - from el Nuevo Herald

Single Photo of Beating
Above: A single photograph from the sequence. Below: The link to the full sequence of photographs on the Spanish version of the Miami Herald.

Emotions ran high in the Cuban exile community in Miami, when this news hit. Many felt that this attack was orchestrated by Fidel Castro’s Cuban government.

It is noteworthy that several young Cubans expressed the thought:
“Why is this news? They were lucky they were not shot!”
They went on to say that public beatings of dissidents were common. Their view appeared to be that if you protest against the government in Cuba you will be beaten.

Protest in America

In contrast, protest is tolerated in America. This New England restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island blatantly criticizes the US while praising Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries. While we vehemently oppose the propaganda of this restaurant, we support free speech. If you click on the image below, you will be amazed that this behaviour is tolerated in America.

Cuban Revolution Restaurant

The Barbados Connection

What was the Barbadian Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, thinking when this photo was taken? (from BFP article) Here is my suggestion:

Arthur & Castro“Fidel, when you put your arm around me and hold my hand so tightly, I feel so empowered. I feel that I could deal with any opposition.”

Could this violence against dissidents happen in Barbados? Read this before you answer:
Death Threats Against Citizen Journalists in Barbados

Further material:
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