I recently came across a CNN article:

Unraveling the web of Spain’s sweatshops

On this page there is a slide show titled, Spanish Raids Free Slave Labor, and a video, Inside a Slavery Raid.

Here are  a few random quotes:

Large-scale criminal organizations from Eastern Europe, Africa and China are setting up shop - bringing people into Spain under the guise of giving them jobs, then keeping their passports and forcing them to work in nightmarish conditions, either in prostitution or labor exploitation.

“To investigate criminal organizations, what one cannot do is solve the crime. You have to locate and dismantle the organization… You get to know who the members are, how they live, how they interact, and how the organization is organized. Where the money comes from and where it goes - all this from many, many hours of analysis and operative work.”

Cortes says he has seen women seven months pregnant, forced to stand and prostitute themselves for 10 to 12 hours on the side of the road with no access to sanitation.

I saw that Barbados Free Press had something up about pornography involving pregnant women. I have also heard numerous unconfirmed reports about the poor working and housing conditions of Chinese labourers in Barbados.  The similarities between Barbados and Spain are disconcerting.