On June 22nd, a masked gunman jumped over a verandah rail and held up attorney-at-law Barry Louis Valence Gale and his dinner guests list at gunpoint.

According to Barbados Today, Barry gave this advice:

“Anyone who finds themselves in a similar position should co-operate fully with the person robbing them and give them what they want. Try your best to relieve the tension of the moment by cooling things down,” Gale said.

The attorney believes it was this thinking that saved him and his friends from what could have been an ugly end on Friday night.

“I told the man repeatedly we would co-operate. I told him he could have our cash but just don’t hurt anybody,” Gale said.

The robber took the car Gale was renting and abandoned it in Hanson Gap, on land belonging to Kingsland Estates Ltd., company that Gale is well acquainted with.

Repeat Offender?

On July 8th, Gale was robbed,  again! Possibly by the same man! Gale’s advice of giving robbers whatever they want was published. Did the robber read it?

Barbados Today, Thieves strike again 2011-07-13

Robbers have again made off with cash after holding prominent attorney Barry Gale and friends at gunpoint last Friday.

This occurred less than a month after the attorney was first robbed at gunpoint on June 17, and after he acted on his own advice to install greater security measures at his Hastings, Christ Church beach apartment.

What’s worse is that he strongly believes Friday’s attack was carried out by the same man who held them at gunpoint on June 22.

Apparently this time Barry Gale did not repeat his advice about cooperating with robbers.

Different Opinion

I agree that if someone sticks a gun in your face that you have few options, but I disagree that you should give robbers whatever they want. I believe that people should stick up for their rights and vigourously oppose all robbers and thieves.

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