I recently came across a report from  Transparency International that stretched my credulity way beyond its breaking point!

According to this report, Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Barbados is less corrupt than the UK or the US! Hard to believe, but Barbados scored a 7.8 compared to 7.6 for the UK and 7.1 for the US!

Human Trafficking in Barbados

Yes, this is the same Barbados that the US State Department reprimanded by placing it on the Tier 2 Watch List for Human Trafficking! Here is a quote from the US report:

Barbados is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

A previous blog has links to the original report, or you may go directly to the source: Trafficking in Persons Report 2011

Barbados Government Minister’s International Porn Connections

This is the same Barbados where a prominent government minister is heavily involved in a major international pornographic business! Barbados Free Press (BFP) has run several articles on this gentleman, and here is a sample relating to the topic of teen pornography. BFP appears to have unearthed an impressive array of irrefutable evidence linking the Minister of Health to this disgusting industry. In addition many Barbadians have expressed the opinion that this individual is deep into this sordid business.

Why has the mainstream media assiduously avoided this issue? In Barbados, journalists have been fired after criticizing the government, and this may be the reason for the kid gloves. Why get fired for mere principles in these times?

Money Laundering in Barbados

This is the same Barbados where the previous Barbadian Prime Minister, the late David Thompson made some serious allegations: Source Keltruth Corp.’s BMLA

Prime Minister Thompson publicly accused “operatives” of the previous Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government which was in power for thirteen consecutive years, of illegally removing “millions and millions” of dollars from Barbados to secret bank accounts in other countries. More recently he stated in the press that “hundreds of millions of dollars” are unaccounted for.

It is notable that there was not a single charge filed against any of the BLP operatives! I don’t think there was ever any real investigation.

Is Barbados Twice as Good as Trinidad?

Barbados scored an impressive 7.8 on the TI Corruption Index, qualifying it for stately sainthood, while Trinidad and Tobago limped in with a paltry 3.6! Less than half of Bim’s score! Jamaica did not even rise to T&T’s level, with their embarrassing 3.3, while Guyana was in the dog house with a 2.7!

I would not rate these countries this harshly. These countries recognize that corruption exists, and they do take action against corrupt politicians. Some get stiff sentences. These countries may well be better than Barbados.

Barbados is Different

Barbados is very different. While I am puzzled that an external agency like Transparency International was unable to detect the widespread corruption in Barbados, I am mindful that Barbadians fear reprisals and are therefore extremely timid about confronting this problem. I have been following local politics for over forty years, yet I have never heard of a Bajan politician being officially charged with corruption.

Barbados is a small community physically confined to a 21 mile by 14 mile island. Many Barbadians are blood relatives, and family ties are very important. Every Barbadian is extremely aware that any type of confrontation can have dire consequences. The best policy for individual survival in a small community is to adopt the mantra “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Ironically the best policy for individual survival is also the worst policy for the individual’s community, as corruption spreads unchecked.


Not far removed from the legality of corruption, lies the problem of moral decay. Barbados Free Press appears to have made a watertight case that the Barbados Minister of Health is deeply involved with the hard-core pornographic industry.

Why would the Bajan lawmakers deliberately ignore this moral dilemma? Why would they close their eyes to flagrant violations of the core values of this God-fearing nation? What pressing reasons would persuade the Honourable Members of Parliament to avoid tackling this issue?

Could the cash flow of the porn industry have anything to do with it? Or could it be that the Bajan lawmakers are too busy watching the cinematic artistry of their own Honourable Minister of Health?


Keltruth Corp. holds the opinion that corruption in Barbados is  at a similar abysmal level to the other countries in the region, like Trinidad and Jamaica. However the situation in Barbados is different, as corruption is seldom if ever investigated. To compound matters, the mainstream media, judging from the record, is unlikely to show any initiative in tackling corruption.

I invite rebuttals from

  • The Honourable Minister of Health of Barbados
  • The Government of Barbados
  • The mainstream media of Barbados
  • anyone who cares to comment!

(I realize that most people are too scared to make a comment, but if 100% censorship is a allowed to remain the norm, Barbados will become a nation of political yardfowls. Free thinkers will seek asylum elsewhere. This blog is hosted in America, where free speech is legally protected by the First Amendment to the  Constitution.)

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