Broad Daylight

It was Thursday, April 19th, another peaceful day in the country. Around one thirty in the afternoon, John K. casually drove into the front yard of Old Hanson House in the parish of St. George, Barbados. He stuck his key into the lock of the front door, totally unaware that he was being watched.

John went inside and picked up what he had come for. He called his sister  on his cell phone. As he chatted, he walked out of the front door. He put the key in the lock one more time.

“DROP THAT PHONE!” A loud gruff shout shattered the tranquil scene. John turned to see a hooded face, with only two intense eyes visible. As his gaze dropped he saw something more scary.


John was facing the muzzle of a rifle. John’s heart was beating so fast, he thought he was having a heart attack. He kept talking on the phone to Jane.

Beaten with a 2 x 4

The masked intruder kept the rifle pointed at John with one arm, while he searched for a weapon with the other. He took up a tyre iron, but then discarded that for a 2×4 plank. He swung the 2×4 but John parried the blow with his hand.

John ran to the side yard where the dogs were. Desperately he struggled to release the latch to the gate, but it was jammed.

John felt a searing smash to the back of his head … he went down.

Tied Up

Upon regaining his senses, John realized his feet were tied together and a vicious criminal was fumbling with his belt. A pool of his fresh blood was on the floor … his head was bleeding … his mouth was bleeding … hit during the fall perhaps? The robber decided against using the belt to tie up his stunned victim.  John was able to free his legs.

Entering the house

Next, his attacker forced John to open the front door, and put him to sit in a chair inside the house.

Chilling Words

Suddenly both men heard the sound of a vehicle rolling in on the gravel gap. John cockily asked his assailant:

“What are you going to do now?”

“Wait and see!” was his sinister reply.


The owner of the house and his eldest son had arrived, only to find themselves staring down the barrel of a rifle. The robber took their cash and cell phones. John had every key taken, including car keys, and house keys.

At this point another of the owner’s sons arrived. He drove his vehicle at the robber as he  fled the crime scene towards St. David’s Village.

Later the police came in force and did their investigation. They brought a German Shepherd who was able to follow the trail of the masked assailant back to St. David’s.

The Damage

There was property loss, but property can be replaced. The real damage was the blow to John’s head. While being interviewed by the police, blood started to pour from John’s nose. He went to the emergency room. Afterwards a clear liquid started to drain from the same location, his nose. The fluid was identified as cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid circulates around the brain and spinal cord  – John’s brain was leaking.

Just a little more force on the knockout blow, and this bloodthirsty thug could be facing a murder charge. John is not out of the woods yet – the blow may yet lead to fatal complications.

Execution of Violent Threats

In the past simply reporting on the Kingsland litigation drove some criminals to make violent threats against my family.

Many know about the widely-publicised call to stalk my family at their vacation home, Hutto, located at Cattlewash. Many know about the violent Hutto robbery, the threat to smash my mother’s head with a rock, and the threat to slit my throat as I slept in my bed here in Miami.

There was no need for this violent man to confront John. He could have waited two more minutes and John would have been driving away down the gap. This confrontation was clearly intentional.

This monster cold-bloodedly stalked John, as he cooly executed his plan to terrorize the family. John was put in a chair, as this sadistic criminal waited. Who was he waiting for and what did he have in mind?

This was an attack to terrorise a family, more than it was an armed burglary. This was terrorism following violent threats.


If you have any information on this violent intimidation, we would be most grateful if you would let us know. You may comment anonymously or send us an email. Let’s get this perpetrator. Next time he may be watching you as you turn the key to your own front door!

Some questions haunt me. Why was this attacker so cool? How come he was able to confidently and cooly control his hostages? Why was he wearing army boots?

Notes: This report is based on official police reports, and represents the opinion of Keltruth Corp. Any allegations made are not assertions of guilt, as all individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Update 4/29/2012: This suspect has been caught. Is he the one?