There is a house in Christ Church called “Alma”, and I have often wondered where the name came from. Recently some one sent me this 2010 article by Neil Sears from the Mail Online:
For sale, a hero’s VC medal and the cannonball that struck him

Here is a quote:

It is the first Victoria Cross to be earned by a British Army soldier - and it comes with a macabre accessory.

The medal awarded to Major John Simpson Knox is being auctioned with the cannonball that took his left arm during the Crimean War.

The Telegraph also had an article: First ever Victoria Cross medal to be sold at auction

During the battle of Alma, Knox took part in the storming and capture of a heavily guarded sandbag battery, single-handedly fighting off a party of enemy soldiers.

But he lost his arm at the battle of Sebastopol a year later while leading the charge over the trenches, storming the enemy lines.

How did this name “Alma” get to Barbados?