A Non-Member’s Look at the Lions Club in Barbados

Parent Organization - Lions International

“The International Association of Lions Clubs began as the dream of Chicago businessman Melvin Jones. He believed that local business clubs should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large.”

A visit to the parent site will immediately give you a pretty good idea of the philosophy of Lionism and its relationship to public service.

While it is true that you have to be asked to be a member, Lions are constantly recruiting new members, and they encourage enquiries about membership.

Barbados Lions Club Activity
Here are some recent club activities:

The Lions Club is a club with a clear mission of public service. It has greatly improved the lives of many Barbadians through its charitable work in eye care, diabetes and other areas.

One thing worth noting is that I did not find a single source of information on the Web that was critical of the Lions! In fact I have never even heard a negative remark made about the Lions Club!

Keep up the good work, Lions! Barbados needs you.

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