Yesterday we went for a drive on the Florida Cracker Trail. Cattle were driven on foot at “grazing speed” across this historical swath of pasture. The slow pace of the drive, about ten miles per day, allowed the cattle to graze.

One fascinating attraction on the trail is the Pioneer Park Cracker Trail Museum in Zolfo Springs. Click here for map.


This museum is crammed with relics of Florida’s cowboy past. It was a Spartan life, and even the rich had few comforts.

We enjoyed chatting with the curator, seen with a collection of old cameras that will bring back memories! 

This is a copy of the flag flown on June 25, 1845 at the inauguration of Florida’s first governor, William D. Moseley. The controversial inscription prevented it from becoming the official flag!undefined

An old spinning wheel.


Next to the museum, this old 1879 pine cabin has withstood the rigours of the brutal Florida heat and humidity.

There is plenty more to see in Pioneer Park, including a locomotive. There is even a small wildlife refuge with bears, cougars, deer, alligators and other animals.

After the refuge, we went to Linger Lodge for lunch …. but that is another story.