Freemasonry and Islam

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While the link between Islam and Freemasonry cannot be denied, it can safely
be said that Fremasonry is not affiliated with Islam.



Islamic Symbols

Shriner Fezfez

Freemasonry uses symbols like those above that have been adopted by the Muslim faith. The Shriners are a notable charitable organization in the US. They have adopted a particularly Arabic theme. The full name of the Shriners is the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.). Shriners wear (Moroccan) Fezzes, greet each other with “Es Salamu Aleikum” and meet in “Mosques” under names like “Al Koran Shrine”. They often participate in local parades, sometimes as an “Oriental Band” dressed in cartoonish versions of Middle Eastern dress, and sometimes driving ridiculously small cars!

Shriner in Customary Small Car

More Middle Eastern Imagery - Scottish & York

Despite the Arabic theme of the Shriners, and the use of Middle Eastern imagery by the Freemasons as a whole, I can find no serious connection between freemasonry and Islam. I do, however, have a concern that what is generally considered as good clean fun by some might be viewed as a form of ridicule by others. The imagery and dress may be offensive to some followers of Islam.

The Islamic View of Freemasonry

I maintain that the tenets of Islam are not compatible with Christianity. Nonetheless, I have picked two views from an Islamic perspective regarding Freemasonry. In particular, I find the quote in the first article to be an unfair criticism of both Freemasonry and other groups. The second quote is from a follower of Islam. I am only including these quotes here to show that I support free speech as well as to show that Masonry and Islam are NOT connected. I should also mention that both links are to Freemason sites.

  • Anti-Freemasonry

    Quote: “Therefore, and for the detailed data on Freemasonry’s activity, its considerable danger, its wicked dressing and its cunning aims, the College of Islamic Jurisprudence considers Freemasonry one of the most dangerously destructive organisations to Islam and to Muslims
    Whoever would associate himself with it while in knowledge of its true nature and aims, would be a non-believer in Islam and uncounted among its adherents.

    Source: Fatwa reproduced in “Freemasonry”, by Muhammad Safwat al-Saqqa Amini and Sa’di Abu Habib.

  • Pro-Freemasonry

Quote: “Assalamo Alaikum, that is, peace be with you!
Worshipful Master, distinguished brethren and brethren: I am pleased to submit my dissertation with some trepidation,…..
….(I) have come to realize that Islam and masonry are indeed compatible…..”


In Part II of this series of articles we showed that a California court agreed
with Freemasonry’s request to be classified as a religion. (Please read Hiram’s comment disputing this below.) In this article we find that while Freemasonry has made extensive use of Middle Eastern and Islamic symbolism in its insignia and rituals, it is not affiliated with Islam. One writer even goes as far to say (with trepidation) to his Worshipful Master that Masonry and Islam are compatible. On the other hand, it appears that officially Islam has condemned Freemasonry and “its wicked dressing”.

Many influential Barbadians belong to the Freemasony Craft. As many Barbadians are Christians, our next article in this series will look at different Christian views of Freemasonry.

Here are some opposing views on the topic: