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Part VI - Freemasonry and the Anglican Church - Jamaican, Kenyan and Australian Views
Jamaica Safe or satanic? Church leaders argue over Freemasonry
published: Tuesday | November 4, 2003 - Article by Damion Mitchell, Staff Reporter, Jamaica Gleaner
“ANGLICAN CHURCHMEN who are Freemasons have come out in firm defence against charges that they are involved in a ’secret and satanic’ operation.The charges were made by other church leaders who insisted yesterday at the Gleaner’s Editors’ Forum that “lodges of whatever sort are satanic and not sacred and that the Jamaican society should come out against the movement.” “
Jamaica Freemasons and the church - published: Saturday | November 15, 2003 - The Rev. Father Vivian Cohen(In a letter to the Editor of the Jamaica Gleaner )
“The original topic as posited by the opponents of Freemasonry was “LODGES ­ SACRED OR SATANIC”.We objected to the message implied therein, and we are grateful that The Gleaner acceded to our objection.”
Jamaica Church, Freemasonry and the Church of Satan
Former Satanist here for ministry - published: Saturday | May 19, 2007 - Article by Mark Dawes, Staff Reporter, Jamaica Gleaner
“As a student in a Roman Catholic high school, he was given a book on the occult by a nun. That book became a gateway for a life in which he embraced witchcraft, freemasonry, satanism, voodoo and Mormonism. He even drank human blood for 18 months.”
Australia ACNS 3685 | AUSTRALIA | 25 NOVEMBER 2003 [ACNS source: Anglican Media Sydney and the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn] - Freemasons and the Anglican Church“Sydney Anglicans have sent a clear message to Freemasons across the state: your beliefs are “contrary to biblical Christianity.”The strongly worded statement is part of a motion passed by Synod that describes the belief system as ‘fundamentally and irreconcilably incompatible’ with the Christian faith.”
Kenya Quo Vadis posted on December 10, 2004
“Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi yesterday waded into the dispute over so-called Satanic symbols in Protestant churches with an appeal for caution in judging Freemasons…..
……. - saying that while Freemasonry was incompatible with Christianity, worshippers should not be emotional about it.”
Kenya International Religious Freedom Report 2004 - Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
“Upon the request of several Christian organizations, the government of former President Moi appointed a commission to investigate the Freemasons and any other organizations that might be practicing devil worshiping. In January, the Anglican Church in Nairobi refused to preside over the funeral of a Member of Parliament, who was also an Assistant Minister, because the M.P. was said to be a grand master of the Freemasons Society.”

Conclusion: In each of these countries, concerns have been raised about the compatibility of Christianity and Freemasonry. Some have denounced Freemasonry as Satanic, while others have defended it. In general, it seems as though the leaders of the Anglican Church in these countries are opposed to Freemasonry on the grounds that it is incompatible with Christianity.

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