Vile Threats Made Against both Online Media and Witnesses
Dozens of vile threats have come to the Keltruth Corp. by different means. Many of the subjects of these threats are either actual or potential witnesses in court cases in Canada and Barbados. These cases involve high-profile Barbadians and Kingsland Estates Limited.Not only is the blog being threatened, witnesses are being threatened. It would be reasonable to assume that those people threatening the witnesses have an interest in the outcome of these cases. It is possible that the threats we have received are an attempt to influence the outcome of these cases. It is my understanding that witnesses-tampering is a criminal act.

Why have the Barbadian police not apprehended the people behind these threats? They have the knowledge and the power to do so. They have been notified of several of the threats, but so far nothing appears to have been done to track down the perpetrators. We and the other subjects of the threats have not heard anything from the police as yet.

Here is an extract of one letter that was sent to the Commissioner of The Royal Barbados Police Force on December 10th, 2007, by K. William McKenzie of the law firm, Crawford McKenzie McLean Anderson & Duncan, LLP. Here is a snippet of the letter:

(Caution! These threats are both graphic and offensive. Click on the snippets below to see the full documents.)


A similar letter was sent the same day, December 10th., to Cable and
Wireless. Here is another snippet:

Cable & Wireless

Defendants have received copies of these letters
Copies of these letters were sent to each defendant in the Canadian case,
including Peter Simmons, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, the Prime Minister of Barbados and the Attorney General. They are all aware of the threats.

Peter Simmons
There was a comment, dated December 27, 2007 at 7:30 pm, on Barbados Free Press that purported to come from Adrian Loveridge. The writer of this comment stated that Mr. Peter Simmons had called him. The writer further stated that he had absolutely NO reason to suspect Mr. Peter Simmons or in fact any of his family of any involvement in the death threats against him or his wife. The writer did not refer to any threats made against other individuals. I have never met Mr. Loveridge, and he is not associated with Keltruth Corp.

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