Updated 4/20/08

For almost a month, police in Barbados have been in receipt of a formal communication requesting protection against threats of assault and murder. These threats were made from an IP address in Barbados, against an elderly citizen of Barbados, who resides in Barbados, and is involved as a potential witness in lawsuits in Barbados and Canada.

To date, the police have not contacted me, nor to my knowledge have they contacted any potential witnesses or victims. Why is this? Who are the thugs involved? Do they have some sort of protection in Barbados? If any of our readers can provide any clues to the identities of these thugs, please let me know. Thanks.

Update: - There may be problems in the RBPF. Read this article:
Judge Takes Barbados Police To Task - Failure To Perform Internal Investigations Into Police Wrong-Doing 

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