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Freemasonry in Barbados - Inside the District Grand Lodge (DGL)

This is a look inside the Barbados Masons website. If you follow the links below you will see sumptuous interiors and members in fabulous uniforms! We can safely say that financially, Freemasonry in Barbados is thriving!

Impressive New Temple at Salters

This effort is due to the generosity of freemasons in general and the sale of Spry St. Building which was owned by the Scottish lodge Scotia, Scottish– Scotia Royal Arch and English —Albion lodge.The temple does NOT BELONG to either English or Scottish constitution!”(Editor: I imagine that this refers to Scottish rites and York rites.)
Photos of new temple.

Prominent Men are Members

District Grand Master in his Magnificent Regalia
Here is a list of the names of the District Grand Lodge office bearers. Click here to see who is involved. You need to know, as these people will play an important role in the future of the island. There are four Queen’s Councils on this list!

Barbados DGL Link to Internet Lodge Site

I did not get the significance of this link, but it contains a message from a “Worshipful Master” as well as a photo of him in full regalia! This site says: “You can get more Masonry in this Lodge in a week than you do in a year in a traditional Lodge”

Barbados DGL Barbadian Masons in Regalia Admire their New Table

Lodges In Barbados

Check these links for some nice photographs of the local “Masters” (Masonic terminology).