Are the Police Really Involved?

My last post enquired about the use of Excessive Force by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), and ended by considering the implications of receiving a threat concerning the planting of drugs on innocent victims. Are there other considerations?

Threats contain Police Jargon

(There appears to be some confusion in Barbados as to what legally constitutes a threat. When Keltruth Corp. uses the word “threat” it is used to describe material perceived by Keltruth Corp. as threatening. The phrase “police jargon” is used to represent language that Keltruth Corp. would expect a police officer to use.)

Let’s examine the threat that is blatantly displayed on the Barbados Free Press Exposed website, BFPE. I have highlighted the words that I will focus on.

“In an unmarked vehicle
From the crime scene we go
Laughing all the way

De big boss phone will ring

Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
An arson song tonight”

In this first verse, I make the following observations:

  • “unmarked vehicle” and “crime scene” - both of these phrases are police jargon
  • “Laughing all the way” - there is no fear here of being caught by the police
  • “De big boss phone will ring” - implication: the act of arson/murder will be reported to a very high authority, possibly someone with authority over the person(s) making this threat

Later in the threat, I find this:

Police will say they can’t be sure
What happened on that spot

The person making the threat is actually predicting the outcome of a future police investigation! Could it be an actual police officer?

De big boss

If I make the following assumptions:

  1. that “unmarked vehicle” refers to a vehicle belonging to the police force
  2. that the driver of such an “unmarked vehicle” would be a police officer

Then I would need to ask the question: “Who would have been the “big boss” of a police officer driving an unmarked vehicle?” As I interpret the constitution, the high-level chain of command at the time of the threat would have been in ascending order, with the biggest boss last:

  1. The Commissioner of Police - Darwin Dottin
  2. Director of Public Prosecutions - Charles Leacock
  3. (Then) Attorney General - Dale Marshall
  4. (Then) Prime Minister - Owen Arthur

Of course the “big boss” might be none of the above. He might be an organized crime boss. Or he might even be a disorganized crime boss.

If you know, pray tell, BFPE, who is (or was) the big boss? Is the big boss connected with either of the three branches of Government?

BFPE’s lack of Concern

I believe that the language displayed on the BFPE site suggests some connection with the local police force. This, in itself, is not that remarkable. What better way to spice up a threat than by suggesting that you have police support (even though you may not)?

I feel that the Royal Barbados Police Force should act decisively to trace these threats, as they are being continuously displayed on BFPE using police jargon. This site is apparently unconcerned with any possible repercussions of either a criminal or civil nature. In my view, this is amazing viewed in the light of the draconian Barbados libel laws!

Three Branches of the Government

There are three branches of Government. The politicians, courts, and police are from different branches. My belief is that there are forces whose goals are to discourage witnesses from cooperating with the Canadian Action. Since there are many politicians being sued, excessive political influence on the police cannot be ruled out.

The political connection has been discussed previously, but here is a recap. Instead of condemning the threats the official blog of the (then) party in power, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), linked to the BFPE site! This gave me the feeling that the BLP was cheering BFPE on! (The BLP blog conspicuously displayed the BFPE link for several months. It was removed, without the slightest apology, only after my vociferous protest.) The BLP blog link is an indicator of the BLP politicians’ thoughts.

The appointment of a person perceived to be a lifelong politician to the post of Chief Justice raises the additional question of political influence over the courts. (The Chief Justice is also a defendant in the Canadian Action, and a former Attorney-General.)

RBPF Must Act to Regain Confidence

If the RBPF does not address this matter, some people, both in Barbados and abroad, may conclude that the police are deliberately avoiding the issue, and that leads to unpleasant speculation.

Is political pressure the reason that the RBPF has been ineffective in dealing with the violent threats and incitement of racial hatred?

Inaction Despite Multiple Occurrences of Arson

The top brass of the previous Arthur administration is aware of the internet threats. The RBPF Commissioner is aware, yet there has been no significant progress.

I am more hopeful that the current A-G, Freundel Stuart, will act decisively. According to the of 3/18/08, Mr. Stuart referred to former PM Mr. Owen Arthur as a “National disgrace”. This suggests a desire for change. At this time, Keltruth Corp. calls on the current administration to issue statements condemning these threats, and to institute vigourous prosecution of these cases.

When the DLP came to power, we hoped that things would change. We hoped that this shameful period in the history of our accomplished nation would come to an end. We are still waiting! I still maintain that PM Thompson is a decent man who will do the right thing when he gets around to it..These threats should not be minimized, as they are already being acted upon. I can recall five reports of arson against people who were at odds with the Government.

I am not aware of a single arrest or conviction related to any of the above!


My family has been critical of the Government. My conclusion, based on my examination of the circumstantial evidence, is that my family has reason to be concerned about threats involving either implicit or explicit support from the Barbadian authorities.

Definitions: I use the word implicit in the context that if any one of the three branches of Government were to pay attention to this issue, I feel that the threats would cease.
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