Congratulations DLP!
What a night! As the numbers mounted, the excitement grew, and a distinct pattern emerged. The DLP pulled ahead to victory. Congratulations, Mr. Thompson! Congratulations, DLP candidates! Congratulations, Mr. Wickham!

Deliver on Promises
After the celebrations are over, it will be time to deliver on the promises. We expect:

  • Integrity Legislation
  • Transparency in all Government Matters
  • An end to Corruption and Conflict of Interest
  • An Investigation into Past and Present Corruption
  • Declaration of Assets
  • A Truly Free Press

Role of the Blogs plus a Few Brave Souls!
The more established blogs have really delivered on the news that the Nation, Advocate and CBC would not touch. Things that the ruling party would have preferred swept under the carpet were brought to light. Congratulations especially to BU and BFP for their amazing coverage of the news and the elections. Bravo!

Congratulations to those brave souls actually residing in the island, who kept passing on and reporting the news despite the numerous threats.

God Bless the Government-Elect
Again, congratulations to the DLP team! We are looking forward (somewhat idealistically) to a new age of honesty and transparency in government. We will all be watching!

May the Good Lord bless the DLP with the wisdom and honesty to keep Barbados the envy of the Caribbean!