Little Bay, Barbados - St. Lucy’s hidden jewel

There is a scenic area in the north-east of Barbados that few Bajans visit. The beach is not suitable for swimming, but there is a pool that you can sit in. Of course, there is a possibility that a big wave could come in and take you out. The pool may be dangerous. High winds may blow you off the cliffs.

How to get there

First get a road map and then ask a trusted source to mark the way. (There are some annoying panhandlers in the area so don’t ask for directions on the road. Don’t pick up hitch-hikers and don’t trust someone if they say the bridge/road is out.) You may click on the image below to see the Google map. The red marks below shows you how to get down to the beach (right arrow), and walk the cliff (red arrow).

The path is very rough, and there are loose rocks. Waterproof sandals are recommended. The pool is outlined by the red circle. To get to the pool you go through a hole in the cliff. The hole as seen from the beach is below:

Walking on the cliff top is a treat for those who are not risk-adverse. There
is a continuous fine salt spray. You should put your camera in a waterproof
housing to be safe.

(Left) The flat top of the cliff overlooks the pool.
(Right) North of the cliff is another beach.
(Below) The plateau inland of the rocky cliff face
Panoramic rugged sea scapes as seen from top of cliff

More Barbados beach information

Alternative instructions: Click on the link below. Choose “Beaches - North Coast” from the pull down menu. The dot at the top of the map is the “Animal Flower Cave”. The Little Bay dot is to the right and below of the “Animal Flower Cave”.