Mysterious Humourous Frozen Mangoes Marketed in Barbados

A few weeks ago we bought some frozen mangoes from a Publix supermarket in Miami, Florida. They were billed as “Europe’s Best”. I was flabbergasted. Mangoes grown in Europe? Was that why they were frozen? This was as bad as one of my friends telling me about the Minnesota (actually Minneola) tangelo!

Anyway I put the mangoes into the freezer and enjoyed a few chunks now and again. After a while, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to read the entire package.

I discovered that the mangoes were grown in Mexico …

… but just LOOK where they were distributed from!

Messing with my mind

OK, I get the part where it says the mangoes were grown in Mexico. What about
the distribution part?

The weary mango

So this mango, Mango Del Sol, grows in Mexico, and is frozen. It is not likely that it is shipped to Barbados and then is warehoused here prior to distribution to Europe. We bought ours in Miami, and I am pretty sure it did not come here via Barbados and Europe!

Mexico, Europe, Barbados, Mangoes and Taxes

My guess would be that there is some tax advantage to have a company headquartered in Barbados. I looked for “Europe’s Best” in the Bajan phone book, but they were not listed. I went to their web site,, chose English as my language, and found the address in Barbados on the “Contact Us” tab, although the telephone number looks like a US toll-free number. I called and there was a very pleasant recording in English and French. I wonder if you could get a free sample if you visited the headquarters in Barbados …

I am sure that this is all above board, and that there is a valid explanation for Señor Del Sol, the multinational mango. So next time you are in Publix, head on over to the freezer section and buy a bag! You will not only be enjoying the fruit, you may be supporting Barbados!

I would love to get some comments on this one!


“If a country has its headquarters in Barbados, its offices in Newark, its operations in Kuwait, its money in Germany — what country is the company to be associated with and thus pay taxes to?” Link
“In 1965, the International Business Companies (IBC) Act was passed in Barbados and it has permitted companies that do not “trade in the Caribbean region” to establish their headquarters in Barbados.” Link here and here
Looking here , we see that Sony Latin is listed under Barbados, but click on the link Sony Latin and there is no mention of Barbados.
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