Link: Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

Medical prescriptions now available by vending machine!

I just saw this on the 10 o’clock news here in Miami!

I was puzzled by the choice of medications offered, or more by the narrow

  1. Anti-depressants
  2. Viagra
  3. Medical marijuana

Don’t rush out to California

According to the owners of these vending machines, your photograph and your fingerprints will be taken before you get your meds! I hope that these data are very secure. Imagine buying all three of these at one time, and then having your photograph, fingerprint and prescription information put on the blogs!

Potential for abuse

There is already a lucrative black market in Viagra and Marijuana. Morphine and codeine are also prescribed painkillers, will these be available also? These machines are going to pose a great temptation to illegal drug users. An additional concern is that drug dealers may try to subvert and abuse this vending machine distribution system.

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